Cigar label


cigar label

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Cigar box label of paper printed horizontally in multi-colors with on the front in horizontal hexagonal frame with in the center in standing oval frame the bust of a young woman, face and face, dressed in a robe with an undershirt with a high standing collar, a cloth around her shoulders with fringes, on her head a small hat, with two putti on either side of the frame holding the frame, the right putti carries a staff of Mercury in his left hand, they sit on a curved ribbon with curved and cut ends, in the middle of the ribbon a cog wheel and a reclining anchor, underneath three merit tokens and five cigar boxes with a bundle of cigars on either side, with two palm trees, three merit tokens, a coat of arms and a few flowers at the top left and right of the central portrait , ships and a few houses, underneath a crowned oval-shaped coat of arms with four merit tokens, decorated with central heating oluten, at the very bottom central printer initials “S.L. & CO. ”. Reverse side embossing on front.