Glorioso cigar label


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Cigar box label of paper printed horizontally in multi-colors with a horizontal rectangular contour on the front with c- and s-volutes with rounded corners in the center a floating winged female figure full length dressed in a peplos with an undergarment in her hands an inverted Horn of Plenty true a bouquet of roses falls, beneath her a floating putto from her back, behind them a globe with South America, to the left a standing Indian woman with a bare torso, with an undergarment, a feather headdress on her head, a battle ax in her right hand and her left hand a spear and shield, to her right a seated Japanese woman dressed in a kimono, in her right hand a fan, on the far right a standing Egyptian woman in an upper and lower garment, her right breast bare, in her right hand she carries a golden palm branch, on either side of the three women various blooming flowers, including a few roses, at the bottom in the middle some black men di he lugging tobacco bales with in the background a mountainous landscape with a steamboat and a small cargo boat, at the base, outside the frame “GLORIOSO”, bottom right printer signature “HS (monogram) DEP. 35893 F. ”. Reverse side embossing embossing at the front.

Period: 1900-1930