About us

Amsterdam Pipe Shop

Amsterdam Pipe Shop specializes in the most unique pipes and tobacco related items. We’ve traced the best items from all around the world to bring this selected collection together in our webshop for you.
Next to our webshop we are Holland’s national tobacconist with the nation’s largest selection of pipes and related items. Paired with, in-depth knowledge and great service a visit to our shop is definitely worth it.  

Amsterdam Pipe Shop offers:

    • New Old Stock pipes: Unsmoked pipes from various ages
    • Antique pipes: These pipes are from Europe and ethnographic items from all other continents
    • Vintage pipes: Smoked pipes which are restored to be in the greatest condition possible
    • Zenith pipes in a variety of designs, colors and finishes
    • Books: A rich choice of books on these subjects, both modern and antiquarian
    • Essentials: Everything you need to have pleasant smoking experience