Gulden Eeuw Senator cigar label


cigar label, Senator on golden background, embossed printing

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Cigar box label of paper printed horizontally in multicolor with on the front in horizontal rectangular frame with rounded corners and decorative edge, at the top in upright oval frame with ribbed edge and protruding from the top, shoulder piece of a young man, his face three-quarters to the right, in an overcoat with wide lapel and waistcoat, a wide tie around the neck, on the head a wig with braid in which a bow, outside the frame on both sides an embossed coat of arms, underneath on a stylized text ribbon with curled ends “SINCE 1858”, at the bottom “GULDEN CENTURY ”and at the base in horizontal rectangular text shield, sides tapered upwards“ SENATOR ”. Reverse side embossing embossing at the front.