Monna Vanna cigar label


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Cigar box label of paper with a standing oval in a horizontal rectangle in the center with the bust of a woman with a veil and rose in her hair, along the base a standing shield in which a statue flanked by a track with merit tokens, in the spandrels to the left a tobacco field with a house and palm trees, on the right a quay with a steamship, more weapons in the air, along the bottom edge to the right of the middle signature “DEP. 34598”, under the image on the left “CROIX D’HONNEUR AMSTERDAM MEDAILLE D’OR BRUXELLES GRAND PRIX PARIS” and right “MEDAL DES BEAUX ARTS DE SM LE SULTAN DE TURQUIE FOURNISSEURS DU PALAIS IMPERIAL DE YILDIZ”, above “MONNA VANNA”, in frame with foam combs in the corners, along the bottom outside the frame “CIGARES HUIFKAR”.