Marca Selecta para Caballeros – cigar label


cigar label, Marca Selecta, magnificent embossed gold printing

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Cigar box label of paper with horizontal rectangular shape printed on the front in multicolored with a horizontal rectangular classic frame in the center of an upright oval seal with round tendrils with crown motifs on the edge and lobed motifs on both sides with “FLOR” on the left and “FINA” on the right, in the middle “MARCA SELECTA PARA CABALLEROS”, with line and tendrils motifs, at the top on horizontal rectangular text board with C-scroll motifs in arch shape “FABRICA DE TABACOS SUPERIORES” and on either side four merit tokens, far left on upright rectangular text board with frieze at the top curl work “GARANTIA LA FABRICA DA Á SUS CONSUMIDORES UNA GARANTIA COMPLETA PARA SUS PRODUCTOS LEGITIMOS DE LAS MEJORES PARTES DE LA ISLA”, below blossoming roses and four merit tokens, right in text frame with S- and C-volume frame “CADAVER CAJA QUE LLEMAACION AROITACION ”, With pen art, to the right of the central oval frame in text frame with S and C volutes oml “ES LEGITIMA DE LA CASA TAN RENOM-BRADA BUENA”, also with penwork, on the far right upright rectangular text board “GARANTIA TODOS LOS TABACOS SON HECHOS DE LOS OBREROS MAS HABILES PARA LA PUREZA GARANTIZA EL FABRICANTE.”, below it, blooming flowers. earnings tokens, two stylized branches in the center at the base, printer’s monogram at the bottom right and inscription “HS DEP. 2179 G. “. Reverse side embossing, embossing at the front.