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Cigar box label of paper printed horizontally in multi-colors with on the front in horizontal rectangle with rounded corners in the center a group of four cheerful women and five boys full-length and in classic robes, together with three lions, behind the two front lions a boy on a horn the lions are pulling a chariot in which a woman sits, her face to the left and on her head a crown with feathers, her right hand she has stretched out and a scepter in her left hand, the two women next to her with a palm branch in their hand, the woman in the back with feather headdress and a basket with bunches of cigars, one of the boys in the middle plays a double flute, the other carries a Horn of Plenty, on the ground some roses, in the background some palm trees, outside the scene, bottom right oblique printer’s signature “GK (monogram) 33044”. Reverse side embossing embossing at the front. Two copies.