Integro cigar label


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Cigar box label of paper portrait printed and multi-colored with on the front in horizontal rectangular frame with at the top in horizontal rectangular text box with C-volutes “INTEGRO” at the ends, underneath in horizontal rectangular text area “PARA.PERSONAS.DE.BUEN.GUSTO”, on the left and right sides “PRIMERA.CALIDAD”, below in lying rectangular frame with serrated edge and C-volute motifs at the corners, central in standing oval decorated with stylized leaf edge shoulder piece of man, his face three-quarters to the left, dressed in long coat with wide lapel, a tie around the neck, outside the frame on either side three palm trees, a tobacco plant, at the bottom left on text ribbon with curled ends “FLOR” and right on text ribbon with curled ends “FINA”, at the base a fan ornament and on horizontal rectangular text sign with flamed ends “MARCA.FINA”. Reverse side embossing embossing at the front.