Flor Tabacos Primeros Fina cigar label


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Cigar box label of paper printed horizontally in multi-colors with on the top front on arched text ribbon with curved ends “FLOR TABACOS PRIMEROS FINA”, on both sides four merit tokens, underneath the central personification of the trade seated on a tobacco bale, hair to the left and dressed in a chiton over which a long pleated mantle, on her head a diadem, in her right hand she holds a staff of Mercury, in her left hand an oval coat of arms with three quarters and a heart shield, on the ground to the right of the tobacco bale a Horn of Plenty, in the background various tobacco plants, the bottom half in the center a tobacco factory with a waving flag on the round tympanum, in front of the factory a few people, on the cut-off on both sides a palm tree, on a ribbon along the bottom “PARA PERSONAS DE GUSTO”, on the left in upright oval frame with on the edge the a man’s shoulder piece almost facing image with sideburns and dressed in an overcoat with lapels, a waistcoat and a shirt with upright collars, on the far right in the same frame the shoulder piece of a man as well as with sideburns, his face three-quarters to the left and dressed in an overcoat with lapels, waistcoat and shirt with raised cuffs, a tie around the neck, between the four scenes twice a coat of arms with two quarters on which a standing lion and three horns, under the shields two blooming rose buds, a few small flowers and three merit tokens. Reverse side embossing on front.