Effecto cigar label


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Cigar box label of paper portrait printed in multi-colors with on the front in a standing rectangular Art Nouveau frame at the top in horizontal text area “EFFECTO”, underneath three women standing on a base carrying the globe on their shoulders, all three dressed in a pleated robe, above the globe on an arched ribbon of text with split ends “CICARROS ESQUISITOS”, on either side of the three goddesses women seated on a throne, dressed in a pleated sleeveless top and a long skirt, in the hand respectively, a laurel wreath and a staff of Mercury, next to the women lies a lion, in the background at the top sunbeams, below on either side a landscape with hills, a few houses and palm trees on the water, along the base stylized flowering tobacco plants and in the center a crowned coat of arms with a castle tower. Reverse side embossing embossing at the front.