Colosino cigar label


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Cigar box label of paper with almost square shape printed on the front in multicolored with “GOLOSINO” on the top side in the corner a square ornament, underneath on arched text ribbon with fluttering ends “MARCA ESPECIAL DE LA CASA”, at the bottom left a crowned coat of arms on which a six-pointed star, on the right “PRIMERA CALIDAD” over a vine, on the far right three merit tokens and “BUEN AROMA”, in the center a lying tobacco leaf with behind it a key with the handle above and the beard below, in the middle of the leaf “MARCA PREFERIDA” with crown above, right “GRAN MANUFACTURA DE.TABACOS.PUROS III PARA.LA.BUENA.ELABORACION. GARANTIZA.LA CASA. SE EMPLEA TABACOS DE PREPIAS VEGAS.” with curls, at the base five merit tokens, to the right on slanted text ribbon “FLOR FI (NA)” and on stylized wax seal a Mercury head and “.SELLO .. DE GARANTIA.”, under the seal a palm of honor, on the four edges of the frame “TABACOS.SUPERIORES DE.PRIMERA.CALIDAD”, a star in the center. Reverse side embossing on front.