Cigar label


cigar label

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Cigar box label of paper with horizontal rectangular shape printed on the front in multicolored in a horizontal rectangular frame of curled ribbons a wooden hut with thatched roof, on the right a ladder, two men and a few palm trees, in the foreground left a carrier with two baskets, right a grove , in the background a number of palm trees, over the scene oblique yellow ribbon with a central oval frame with a line motif above and below an Indian rider with a headdress and a spear in the left hand, outside the frame stylized leaves, on the right round stamp pierced by an arrow and on the edge “FLOR FINA”, far right in arch shape “FABRICA DE” and in horizontal text shield with rounded ends “TABACOS”, with stylized flower buds, right vertical “PUROS”, far left cut off “GA .. POR LOS DE TAB .. ”, Bottom right at the base inscription“ DEP. NO. 4850 ”. Reverse unprinted, top right in pencil year “C. 1904 ”.