Bianco cigar label


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Cigar box label of paper with horizontal rectangular shape printed on the front in multicolored with horizontal rectangular classic frame with s- and c-volutes on the corners “MADE IN HOLLAND”, underneath “25 BIANCO”, centrally in horizontal oval ribbed frame stylized holly, on the left the coat of arms of the United Kingdom, on the right the coat of arms of the Netherlands, at the top a coat of arms with a standing lion with the head to the left, below the coats of arms on text shield “25 BIANCO”, on both sides three merit tokens, at the top of the list “ROYAL CIGAR MANUFACTURERS SMIT & TEN HOVE NV KAMPEN-HOLLAND “, along the list on either side” BALMORAL “, at the bottom” ROYAL CIGARENFABRIEK SMIT & TEN HOVE NV KAMPEN-HOLLAND “. Reverse side embossing embossing at the front.